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Reminder to all passengers: It’s your responsibility to check ALL travel & health requirements incl. COVID restrictions/mandatory testing & visas prior to departure (all airlines & airports in your itinerary)

Our Sydney Based Customer Support Team

We asked our customer support team what they would like to say to the tens of thousands of passengers with flights in our system

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Getting In Touch

Using the online request forms speeds up the process for all customers. If we take calls, the process slows down for all customers. The forms include your travel dates and other key information, so we can work with the airlines efficiently. We will contact you if the matter is urgent and there is a need to clarify information.

Fees and Charges

Jetabroad normal fees and charges are stated and acknowledged by customers prior to completing a booking.

This is standard practice within the travel industry, allowing travel agents to recover their operating costs (particularly our Customer Support staff) and to facilitate our low fares.

Jetabroad is an Australian owned and licensed travel agency. Please refer to the Australian Federation of Travel Agents consumer refund fact sheet for further information.

Refund Time Frame

We return funds to our customers as soon as funds are cleared in our bank account.

The team at Jetabroad is committed to resolving all customer cases as fast as possible.

Team Jetabroad

To contact us, please use our online request forms

Message from Jetabroad’s Customer Support Team...

  • "We are here for you - getting back to each of you is our top priority." Nikki
  • "We are working backlogged bookings in departure date order - we may only be a few days in front but please be patient and we will reply to you moving forward. Please note, airline policies keep changing and each ticket’s conditions needs to be checked." Donna
  • "If your flights are still confirmed, we recommend you wait until the last minute before departure before actioning (we will help you with this) to see if your flights are affected by airline cancellations. Demanding we cancel your flights now while confirmed often means a voluntary cancellation to the airline and you forfeit any policy allowances….. please be patient." Luisina
  • "All airlines are delayed for refunds, most exceeding 14 weeks from when we submit the refund to the airline… it will come in, just please be patient." Geet
  • "Whatever your airline policy is, it will determine what we can offer you. Some airlines are offering credits and others refunds. It is completely dependent on the airline policy." Jill
  • "Please be respectful when emailing or messaging us. We are here to assist you and we are on your side." Kinga
  • "With the volumes we still have pouring in, if you haven't heard from us for a past dated booking, we are not ignoring you. We may have actioned your request and just haven't been able to reply yet. Rest assured, you will hear back from us." Kat
  • "We do not have your money. We are billed for your ticket once it is issued and this is then paid to the airline. We must request a refund back and this takes the airline time as they are working manually also - which is why some airlines are taking 14 weeks plus to refund us before we can refund you." Seema
  • "We are doing our best to help each of you get what your tickets are eligible for." Mary
  • "Please do not chase refunds. When the refund is back, we will refund you. For us to check on every refund query slows us down as we work to process the backlog." Brooke
  • "There is a light at the end of the tunnel." Muj
Jetabroad - Book Flights

Multicity & Stopovers Examples

Jetabroad gives you more options with the multi-city booking engine. You can book from anywhere in the world to anywhere else.

  • Add stopover view itinerary

    Stopover example: Sydney to Singapore (stopover) to Paris then return flight Paris to Sydney.

  • Split flights view itinerary

    Split flights example: Sydney to San Franciso then return flight Los Angeles to Sydney.

  • Hop round a region view itinerary

    Hop round a region example: San Francisco to New York then Washington to Los Angeles.

  • Hop one way view itinerary

    Hop one way example: Melbourne to Bangkok to London.

  • Hop round the world view itinerary

    Hop round the world example: Sydney to Bangkok to London to New York to Dallas to Los Angeles then return flight to Sydney.

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